2012 Summer Concert Series Still Photo Gallery


Below Are Stills From Our Summer Concert Series


Internet Broadcast Friday Night Free Concert Series


Our Internet Streaming Friday Night Free Concert Series at Newland's Riverwalk; 2012



This is the list of dates, music, and sponsors to date
June 22nd - Lee Griffen Trio,  Rock and Roll - Sponsor: Avery Animal Hospital

June 29th - Rod Horning Project 70's and 80's Jam Band, Buffalo NY Touring Band - Sponsor: Carolina BBQ

July 6th - The Sylvio Martinat Swing Band, From Boone, NC;- Sponsor: Tom Allison Properties (TAP HOMES)

July 13th - Johnson Brothers, Bluegrass; Local Avery County Favorite - Sponsor: YMCA

July 20th - Night Eagle Band, Rockin Country; Lenoir NC - Sponsor: Avery Humane Society