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NBA & Second Annual Avery County Chamber Afterhours Networking Event, Tuesday September 9th, 2014

Newland Business Association
and the Town of Newland
Invite You to our Second Annual
Avery County Chamber Afterhours Networking Event
Tuesday September 9th, 2014

Gather for Local Flavors

Free Foods, Wines and What Not’s from our

Local Business Community at

The Mason Jar Café 151 Cranberry Street Downtown Newland

BE A PART Of What’s GREAT! We are inviting EVERYONE to participate in this event!

If you are a business that wants to participate in this great event please call the Avery County Chamber of Commerce



2014 Summer Membership Application
Newland is Avery County's County Seat


Newland is the county seat of Avery County, NC.  It is the highest county seat east of the Rockies.  The highest mountains east of the Rockies are all within eyesight of one another.  These highest mountains are Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina’s highest point at an elevation of 6684 ft.; Clingman’s Dome, Tennessee’s highest point at 6643 feet elevation; and Mt. Rogers, Virginia's highest point at an elevation of 5728 ft.


Avery County is a fabulous place to live, to work, to visit, to vacation in, to play in, to stay in and to come back to. 


 Our video will help explain this.

Newland Business Association, Newland, North Carolina


The Newland Business Association wants to invite everyone to “SHOP LOCAL”.  We are working hard to make Newland a destination rather than a pass-through town, or the place to get to the courthouse. Economic progress is our goal.  Newland is a community of a proud people; talented in every way from agriculture, fine arts, local traditional arts, computer science, automotive expertise, and more.  See our membership roster here.  Come down and see our progress as it is made.  Beer and Wine sales ate now available in Newland area locations.  We hope this ushers in a new venue of accommodations, restauranteurs and regional activities and festivals.



Newland is a unique small mountain town. It was “created” after an election in July 1911. Four sites were proposed for the new county seat: Elk Park, Minneapolis, Montezuma, and Old Fields of Toe. Although it had but one dwelling house and no business establishments, in the words of Avery County historian Horton Cooper, "The Fields of Toe became the county seat of North Carolina’s one hundredth and last county. Its new name was selected not because it was a new town, but to commemorate General W. C. Newland who favored the bill creating Avery County." With an elevation of over 3700 feet, it is the highest county seat east of the Rockies. Though it is surrounded by attractions such as golf courses, resorts, hiking trails, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain, and unnumbered scenic vistas, Newland itself has a population of fewer than one thousand.